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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 13, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> good morning, it is thursday, february 13th. at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert. a desperate search intensifying by the hour for the beautiful 6-year-old girl who vanished from the front yard of her south carolina home, critical new clues police want everyone to see as the fbi joins the urgent investigation. >> the most powerful person in the country literally changing
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the rules to benefit a crony >> democrats demanding another investigation after the department of justice reduces sentence recommendation for roger stone. the president's response to impeachment 2.oh. the happiest place on earth just got more expensive. the new price hikes coming to disney parks. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> a little throwback on a rainy morning in new york city.
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there is a shot toward central park. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. let's get to bed urgent fox news alert, the fbi joining the desperate search for this missing 6-year-old girl, faith sweat, who vanished from her front yard after getting off the school bus, jackie ibanez joins us with surveillance video showing faith's final moments before vanishing. >> this is the last time she was seen getting off a school bus at her home in casey, south carolina monday. police say she was playing in her front yard when she mysteriously vanished. the community praying for her safe return at a vigil overnight. her grandmother as she pleads for answers in her granddaughter's disappearance. >> we are worried, very distraught but only thinking
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positive thoughts, the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen, a smile that will melt your heart. >> investigators see these two cars were sitting outside the first grader's home at the time she disappeared. police are looking for the drivers for questioning. authorities are expanding their search, flying estate helicopter over the community calling in the fbi for help. 250 officers combing the neighborhood going door to door urging people to come forward with any and all information on the first grader's whereabouts. police have set up a tip outline at 803-205-4444. as of right now police say there is no evidence that she was abducted. they are not ruling out that she simply walked off while playing outside her home. >> a bizarre story, that poor family. let's hope they find her and she is okay. thank you.
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another search to tell you about, the search expanding at this hour for colorado springs boy missing for nearly a month. investigators now looking for gannon start in neighboring county. he was last seen in this video. take a look at this one getting into his stepmother's truck. that woman is speaking out about the speculation that she was involved in gannon's disappearance. in a statement she says in part, quote, social media has been devastating from the harsh comments, speculations, threats and cyberbullying and she asked people to come forward with any new information. baltimore police detective out of the hospital after being shot in the leg trying to serve a federal warrant. a county detective was shot in the stomach and is in serious condition right now. the officers coming under attack as they approached a man wanted
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for attempted murder. he was shot and killed. police say the suspect was a former corrections officer charged in a shooting in philadelphia tuesday night. donald trump coming to his attorney general's defense amid calls for william barr to resign. democrats slamming the doj for roger stone's reduced sentence recommendation in the russia probe. griff jenkins joins us from washington with the backlash from the left. >> fresh off the campaign trail in new hampshire elizabeth lauren is joining those calls from democrats in washington for bar's resignation. >> we can't let this moment go unremarked. with the attorney general has done, we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. if he won't resign -- >> he intervened in the sentencing of roger stone, facing 7 to 9 years under the prosecutor's guidelines but after midnight tweet by the president complaining, they changed course of meeting paperwork requesting a lower
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sentence prompting the prosecutors on the case to resign. the doj official says the president's tweet had nothing to do with the change but minority leader chuck schumer took to the senate for calling this a crisis. >> what is more swampy, what is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law. we are witnessing a crisis of rule of law in america. >> this as donald trump stands by his attorney general blasting the treatment of his former confidant. >> roger stone was treated horribly and so were many of the people whose lives were destroyed. roger stone for doing nobody knows what he did.
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they are to apologize to a lot of the people whose lives they have ruined. >> here's where things stand late yesterday. a judge denied a request from the defense team seeking a new trial, he is said to be sentenced next weekend there is always a possibility of a stone pardon but the president wouldn't say if or when that would happen. william barr has agreed to testify before the house judiciary committee at the end of next month. >> we will have much more on this coming up with the former federal prosecutor, thank you so much. let's look at the campaign trail. pete buttigieg putting the pedal to the metal as he hits the campaign trail in las vegas. is campaign doubling staff in nevada and the state caucuses on february 20 second. they are also increasing investments in tv and digital ads but as he gains momentum around the country he is facing harsh criticism on his home turf. blaming the former indiana mayor for the city's crime flight. >> mayor pete is doing a great job putting down sidewalks and streets but what about the
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neighborhoods? where crime is soaring, violence is out of control. >> reporter: buttigieg blamed racism for the crime spike. michael bloomberg trying to dodge the fallout over old comments justify the controversial stop at risk program. stop and frisk program. during a campaign stop in tennessee the former new york city mayor dismissing the 2015 comments. >> it was five years ago and it is not the way that i think and not the way -- doesn't reflect what i do every day. >> the billionaire is now under fire for what he said on the cause of the economic crisis in 2008. >> redlining was the term where banks to cold, neighborhoods, people in these neighborhoods are poor, they will not be able
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to pay off their mortgages, sales and don't go into those areas. campaign telling fox news, quote, mike attacked predatory lending as mayor and helped other cities craft innovative strategies to reduce evictions as a philanthropist. up next, nevada, the clock is set for next saturday and kristin anderson says it is the best place for struggling candidates to gain some steam. >> know that is a different ballgame, the type of place where because it is a caucus having strong organization to turn out folks will matter a great deal of the sort of place where bernie sanders are to be well positioned to cement himself as that firm front-runner. on the other hand a problem lingering for him will be with the unions. his healthcare plan, medicare
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for all would eliminate a lot of the power unions have over this issue so the divide in the democratic party between those who want unions to have more power and those who want government to have more power will play out in a fascinating way. >> reporter: the latest usa today poll shows vice president biden in the lead in nevada with sanders not far behind, i'll is before at third and tom stier and pete buttigieg tied for fourth. donald trump down to florida for the daytona 500. the white house has not confirmed the visit but the daytona airport is reportedly preparing for the arrival of air force one. the secret service tweeting there will be a 30 mile now drones own around the race. this will be the second presidential appearance at the big race. george w. bush attended the daytona 500 in 2004. the daytona 500 is sunday right here on fox. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and democrats
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are crying foul over the decision to reduce roger stone's sentence. >> william barr are to be ashamed and embarrassed and resign. >> could this become impeachment 2.oh? former federal prosecutor says the democrats have no idea how the doj works and she joins us to explain. was your child born to be a star? how they could become the next gerber baby. ♪
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>> we are witnessing a crisis in the rule of florida in america unlike anything we have seen before. >> william barr should be a ashamed and embarrassed and resign.
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>> this is the sort of thing that happens in other countries, not the united states. >> we will not take options off the table. >> reporter: democrats gearing up for another investigationnst him of politicizing the justice department for reducing the sentence of roger stone. following democrats botched impeachment trial against donald trump how far can we expect the latest accusation to go? joining me live is francine haig's. we appreciate it. what is your take on what has happened with roger stone and his sentencing in the doj saying we want to take a second look at this? it was 79 years he was getting. >> the level of hysterics here is unbelievable. people don't understand how the
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justice department works or any district attorney's office works and that is the elected appointed us attorney, appointed attorney general is actually in charge of the department, actually in charge of what the prosecutors do and from what we understand the career prosecutors approached their leadership, talked about the sentence they were going to recommend for stone, indicated it was lower than 7-9 years and yet file the sentencing memo that recommended a sentence between 7-9 years which is in and of itself utterly appalling for the nature of this case and looks to be holy political considering the people involved who are mueller prosecutors and one quick thing. it is very unusual to have four assistant us attorneys on a case of perjury or a 1001 violation, lying to congress. four assistant us attorneys.
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i public -- prosecutor more serious cases by myself. a case that is very unusual. >> i'm sure people were watching yesterday. four prosecutors withdrew from the case hours after this announcement was made by the doj that they would take a second look at the recommended sentence and stone was convicted of obstruction, witness tampering of lying to congress. let's look at this quote from the house judiciary democrats who have asked the bar to testify on march 3, '01, we repeatedly warned you and your predecessor the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes is dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable to the house judiciary committee. you engaged in a pattern of conduct in legal matters relating to the president raising significant concerns for this committee. discuss a little bit more about ag william barr and allegations being made right now. >> like i said the attorney
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general is in charge of the department of justice so he decides what policies to sit, what sentences are appropriate. eric holder promulgated a sentencing policy, a charging policy that required prosecutors in the department of justice to charge low-level offenses rather than higher-level offenses john ashcroft had required so attorneys general routinely do this, promulgate policies that fit with their own view of the justice system and for the attorney general to weigh in on a particularly important politically motivated case like this is not unusual. this is routine. us attorneys and the attorney general routinely weigh in on cases like this. there is nothing usual about this at all. >> the other thing donald trump is being accused of and perhaps this is a hint of what is to
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come, that is being accused of politicizing the doj but what about former president obama. i know you have two particular incidents you want to talk about there. >> what i don't like is the hypocrisy here. i certainly am not a fan of donald trump tweeting in the middle of the case although he is in charge of the department of justice ultimately but when you talk about hypocrisy that is where i have questions about sincerity. when you look at the hillary clinton investigation it is hard to argue anything other than that was the ultimate politicization of the justice department when the justice department refused to assist the fbi with grand jury subpoenas and grand jury testimony or any kind of search warrant so you had people who were asked politely to give evidence, to give over their emails and laptops to the fbi to look at in
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the clinton matter which is completely different from what happened in the trump matter. for me it is the hypocrisy on the left here. they didn't seem concerned by the political decision by loretto lynch and the obama justice department and the hillary clinton matter but suddenly we are a banana republic if donald trump opines. >> still to come the investigation involving the fisa warrants and john durham and what he has been able to discover involving the obama administration. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, have a great day, 20 minutes after the top of the hour, michael bloomberg going all in on supertuesday, $1 million a day on facebook to try to win. carly shimkus with reaction to bloomberg's big ad by. good morning!
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>> welcome back. 2020 hopeful michael bloomberg spending as much as $1 million a day on facebook throwing cash a platform once dominated by donald trump but who has the real momentum? carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with how the internet is responding to the inundating ads. >> donald trump -- michael bloomberg is spending a whole lot more. you said it at the top, the past two weeks, $1 billion a day on facebook. he has a lot of money. it is a drop in the bucket for him. he is worth $60 billion and this
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is particularly notable because donald trump's campaign is known for targeting voters on social media so could bloomberg's billionaires, billions take the wind out of donald trump's sales? social media is debating that at one twitter user says one thing i can say about bloomberg, he understands the importance of mass advertising. the other candidates don't get it, duane on twitter says pocket change for him. he could spend billions and not even feel it and david tweets facebook is a dumpster fire but at least i can hide ads from michael bloomberg, wish i could say the same about my tv. one thing to note, bloomberg is trying to win a nomination, donald trump isn't. i'm sure the president will ramp up spending in a general election. >> a lot of folks using facebook. >> $2.45 billion. >> let's talk about valentine's day which is tomorrow, something
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is trending. >> just in time, a sweet hashtag, if grandma wrote candy cards, the messages are hilariously relatable. are you hungry, wants to feed you. this twitter user says don't forget to bring your sweater and this one right here are you sure you wouldn't like a hard candy instead? i always think of the original. >> don't forget, tomorrow is valentine's day. 26 after the top of the hour and it is 3 years since libby german and abigail williams were murdered when hiking in indiana and they are no closer to finding the killer. libby's monsters police botched the investigation and she joins us live to explain.
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the compromise governor andrew cuomo is offering donald trump to end the travel program freeze.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first". a look at top headline starting with a fox news alert, the fbi
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joining the search for missing 6-year-old girl in south carolina, police think the new surveillance video of faye sweatliquor getting off the school bus before she disappeared, she was last seen playing in her front yard and the coronavirus cases confirmed in the us, the cdc says they arrived in the us on a state department flight from virus ground 0 in china. all passengers on that flight are quarantined in san diego. china reported 254 coronavirus deaths in just one day and democrats calling for william barr to resign amid an ig investigation into roger stone is reduced sentence, scaling back the prosecutor's recommended sentence of up to 9 years on charges stemming from the russia probe. donald trump said democrats should apologize to, quote, a lot of people whose lives they have ruined.
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>> today the governor of new york will meet with the president about the suspended trust in traveler program, when security band new yorkers from enrolling after the state passed its green light law. todd pyro joins us with a potential compromise maybe. >> in a few hours the two political combatants will try to come up with a solution to a battle that has been escalating. right now new york does not allow federal officials access to state records when the feds want to that someone for traveler programs. they are called ttps which allow travelers to get through customs faster. dhs saved new yorkers from enrollment arguing access to the information was critical. that led to a lawsuit by the new york attorney general who claimed the only retribution for the state's green light law which allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, dhs
1:33 am
denies the connection saying these issues have nothing to do with each other and linking them is irresponsible. the new york governor clearly disagrees. >> i will never give them access to the database but for the tpp enrollees on a case-by-case basis it is calling the philosophy because of they don't accept this they are admitting they are playing politics. >> with that is the backdrop cuomo's office confirmed to fox news that under his proposed new arrangement dhs would be granted access to dmv databases for new york residents applying to the program after the feds show cause for needing that information. new york daily news reporting the arrangement was already rejected by dhs but governor cuomo hopes to sway the president. >> todd pyro, thank you.
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defense secretary mark s burr meeting with nato leaders to discuss the situation in afghanistan. the trump administration hopes to announce a cease-fire deal with the taliban and, that would be a big step toward a potential peace deal which could allow the us to end the nearly two decade-long war. also happening today the senate expected to pass a resolution to rain in the president's ability to use military force against iran. several republicans are backing the measure scheduled for a vote this afternoon. the measure would introduce after donald trump ordered the drone strike that killed iranian general soleimani. the president warned the senate not to prove the resolution saying it signals weakness. today marks three years since libby german and abby williams were murdered while hiking on a
1:35 am
popular trail in delphi, indiana and despite thousands of tips, a 200,$000 reward and this sketch of the suspect that was released last year the girl's killer has never been found in the mother is speaking out saying the crime scene was tainted. here to share why, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we really appreciate it, i know this is difficult for you and a difficult day for sure. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me as we begin what are your main concerns with the way the police handles this investigation from the very beginning? >> i questioned things from the beginning when they call off the search that night and i have to still wonder if they had stayed out there searching for the girls if they may have been found to be with us today. >> there were a lot of people
1:36 am
searching at the same time and you think the crime scene was tainted as well. >> i worry with the amount of people out searching and at the time it only being a search and rescue they were not taking into consideration there might be a crime scene so with all the people walking through it is hard to say what the searchers left behind and what the killer left behind. >> it was 3 years ago today the girls were reported missing and it was on valentine's day in 2017 their bodies were found and as the years have passed there have been bits and pieces of evidence that have come out, police have asked for help. one of those being this recording of what they do believe is the suspect. let's listen to that.
1:37 am
do you recognize that voice at all? when you first heard that audio on the girl's cell phone what did you think? >> the first time it was hard to understand. afterwards i honestly wish i did recognize the voice so i could find the person. >> i'm sure you have listened to it over and over. >> authorities calling the girls heroes by reporting that. another concern a lot of folks have had, there were two suspect sketches, one was released in 2017 and there was another one that was completely and totally different that was released in 2019. what do you make of the discrepancies in the suspect
1:38 am
sketchs? >> i am back full. i'm not sure why we were looking for one particular person for two years and a sketch that looks 20 years younger and it was, we plastered the first sketch all over the country. a lot of people still consider that first sketch, i don't know what the new direction was they decided to go in april of last year. >> you have a video of the suspect, the alleged suspect walking across the bridge so people can compare what they think the suspect would look like. was our police doing and that they keeping you updated? >> i've not received any updates, to my knowledge there's nothing new to report on. honestly i wish i knew what law enforcement officers were doing so i could have some answers.
1:39 am
>> the indiana police department, we did reach out to them for a statement and we are still waiting for that. we definitely want to pass along our condolences to you. i can't imagine how difficult it is for you. delphi, a small town, not really 3000 people a. do you believe someone knows something? >> absolutely. someone knows who the killer is. it has to be someone's father, brother, uncle, coworker, someone knows who he is. >> we encourage them to let you know, let the authorities know and we hope you get some answers soon. thank you for joining us, we really appreciate it. we will be right back. ( ♪ )
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sign of things to come in iowa. >> the precinct chair. >> the hawkeye state democratic party chairman troy price resigning amid the state caucus chaos was a meeting to elect an interim chair this weekend. the person selected will complete the re-canvassing recount process, the parties trying to recover from its new apps failed to report results. there is no winner in the race. growing concerns ahead of next week, nevada caucuses volunteers say they have yet to be fully trained but they did say they are not going to use the same apps. illegal immigrants may get drivers licenses in virginia. lawmakers in both chambers passing similar bills. applicants would need reported income in virginia along with the tax return.
1:44 am
if past the new law could go into effect as early as next january. 15 states allow illegal immigrants to get licenses. how about some business news. beware before you get behind the wheel this morning there two major car recalls, the dangers for drivers. >> reporter: two major recalls, the first from tesla, 15,000 model x suvs. it could be difficult to drive and leads to a crash. we are talking about the 2016 models. it is 200,000 of honda's minivans, their best-selling minivan. this recall covers minivans from
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2018-2020. there is a problem with wiring that needs to be fixed because it could cause a fire. there have been three reports of fires but no injuries. >> that is good news the people need to be aware of. something else people need to be aware of. disneyland hiking ticket prices again. >> last time we talked about this was 13 months ago before the star wars galaxy open last may but disneyland raising prices. it will cost quite a bit if you want to go there, it will cost more than $100 but if you want to go to both parks disneyland in california, that will cost you more than $200 for those high peak demand days, very expensive, prices going up 5%. if you want an annual pass maybe
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you will go off in those prices going up ranging from $419, $22,200. >> and you have to pay for everything once you get by, and have dinner with mickey or many every single night. thank you. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, bernie sanders riding the wave after his win in new hampshire. can any candidate close the socialist down? considering the split among moderates, our political panel is on deck up next. do you think your baby has the face of an angel? how to land your little one as a gerber land ambassador. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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>> bernie sanders securely leading the pack of democratic candidates after a strong new hampshire primary. does the democratic socialist have a lead too big for the moderates to stop them? joining me to debate, founder of the tea party patriots genie beth martin and democratic strategists kevin wall. thank you for joining us. i will have you respond first of all. as we bring up the pole we are talking about 22% favor bernie sanders. this was in the days leading up to the new hampshire primary so these numbers will probably change, he is followed by joe biden who didn't fare so well in new hampshire, others before not faring so well, bloomberg wasn't even in new hampshire, buttigieg and amy klobuchar so what is your take? >> we will see what happens, if you more contests, so they really but bernie sanders is
1:51 am
clearly the front runner right now. it will be interesting to see what happens. the question many people want to know is whether a moderate can stop bernie sanders and my father and that is every democrat who is running right now for the nomination on the democrat side is not moderate. they are far leftist radical red leftist with want amnesty for illegal immigrants, increased taxes, increased government spending, the green deal, medicare for all which is single-payer government healthcare, that means the government controls our insurance, they want to reduce second amendment rights and every candidate on the first debate stage in miami in june said they want taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants. >> let me get to kevin who talked about all those different issues and how much they will
1:52 am
cost, trillions of dollars and take a look at the final new hampshire primary numbers as we said, 100% in now, bernie landed in the lead followed closely by buttigieg but the one candidate a lot of folks are looking at that is moderate left is klobuchar and klobuchar showing a lot stronger than some folks thought. is that an indication the democratic party is looking for a moderate candidate? >> good question. when you talk to most democrats in the primary field they want someone who can beat donald trump, that is their number one concern. if you look at exit polling out of new hampshire more than half of primary voters made up their minds in the last 48 hours of the election so amy klobuchar, senator from minnesota was able to capture that spark and launch herself into third place. pete buttigieg had a strong
1:53 am
night but going into south carolina and nevada, the next contest it is anyone's best whether bernie sanders can expand on the 25% he saw in iowa and the 25% he saw in new hampshire. i don't think that is a lot of strength. he won new hampshire but it is a question of addition and whether he can add to that quarter of democrats that are firmly in his camp. >> and if biden can recover. in the meantime nothing seems to be slowing down donald trump. we saw a record turnout in new hampshire and iowa in terms of his support. 's momentum seems to be on a roll as we can compare him to other incumbents in new hampshire and far and away he beat all of them, 129,696 turned out for donald trump voted for him. that these numbers compared to president obama, bush, clinton, reagan, far above. what do you think? is that indication of things to come for donald trump?
1:54 am
>> i think it is and reminding the american public we stand by donald trump. it is not just ardent trump supporters, the latest gallup polling shows americans think the economy is the strongest it has been, the most confidence in the economy since october of 2000. six and ten americans feel better off financially than they were a year ago, three quarters of americans predict they will be better off a year from now. that is the highest it has been since 1977. donald trump's policies are working at americans know it. heather: how democrats are against that with 61% of people saying they are better off than they were three years ago. >> good question, no doubt the president is in a strong position for reelection but democrats have to get back to basics like we saw in the
1:55 am
midterm elections. the last three years of this administration nearly 2 million americans lost healthcare insurance. the president released a budget that would cut $2 trillion from medicare and medicaid over the next ten years with these are devastating cuts to the healthcare sector for most americans in this country that we can run and win as we did in 2018 on the position of healthcare. >> we will see because we have a long way to go if those numbers continue to increase for donald trump it will be interesting to see what democrats do. thank you for joining us, appreciate it, we will be right back. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with
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heather: time for the good, the bad and the ugly, gerber searching for a new a horrible spokes baby, will represent gerber as the 2020 ambassador. parents can submit photos of babies under 4 years old until the end of this month. up next the bad. smashing through a windshield, off another vehicle in michigan. from hitting the truck driver's chest, he was not injured thank goodness. finally the ugly arkansas man trying a new approach. >> i would rather the money go to somebody who is interested in helping me in this quest. >> reporter: jeff gephardt paying for referrals to help him
2:00 am
find miss right claiming to have had horrible luck in love. even such up a website. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> reporter: happening right now another day another democrat push to investigate the trump administration and now it is william barr on the chopping block. >> the notion that william barr should resign is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. rob: the president defending his attorney general and suggested sentence for roger stone which sent democrats into a tailspin. we are live from washington. jillian: andrew cuomo will meet donald trump at an impasse for letting homeland security access beyond the record. >> the governor be giving when
2:01 am
giving out drivers licenses to illegal immigrants


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